Who Brings the HEAT: Ayça Acun Digital Lead Badass / Style Maven / Coffee x Literature Connoisseur

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Be yourself.  Trying to be anyone else is a waste of the person you are.  Embrace that individual inside you that has ideas, strengths and beauty like no one else – Getting to know another layer to a person we think we know is a great thing. What drawn me to Ayça Acun – besides her cool name (“I-CHA”) is her genuine authenticity that shines threw her visual diary. A Turkish girl transplant in NYC with a dope style that is creating digital brand experiences and consumer interactions with her digi team during the day and kicking sweat at night – you can find Ayça at coffee shop in the city reading – not on a Kindle or iPad a BOOK! Love it! That’s how I love to read 😀 I caught up with Ayça to talk about her rad style and she shares with us her fashion tips, style icons, and must-haves – check out below!

CTS 1. Your personal style is…
AA: Elegant and eclectic at the same time 🙂 Just me, no one else!!!


Ayca in Marcis Lupfer Sweater x Top Shop Jeans

CTS 2. What are your top 3 personal styling tips:
AA:  1. Be You: you cannot just go copy and paste a look just because it looked good in a model or someone else.  It has to feel good, feel you.

2. Keep it simple and Be bold at the same time.  Having a simple/basic outfit doesn’t mean that you can’t show your personality and attitude.  Make it yours by maybe adding a statement piece, a bold color maybe or a necklace that pops up. Just add a bit of personality and your touch.

3. Have Fun: Seriously the best part for me is really to have fun.  Mix and match things, sometimes you fail and look ridiculous maybe, who cares just give it a shot.  I try to force myself to look at things a bit different so I try a lot of different combinations with the same things.  It makes it look like you have a huge closet 😉 it’s just being smart and open to trying different ways to push your limits.


CTS 3. Your must haves accessories…
AA: 1. My watch – my gift to myself that I gave 2 years ago 2. My pinky ring [which was a gift from my mom in my birthday last year where it has my initial on it] it is my lucky charm 🙂 3. My necklace – special one for me, almost never take off, believe that it protects me – Those are three things that I never leave home without.  4. Summer never without my sunscreen and sunglasses and in winter my scarfs and gloves are my must haves 🙂 NYC winter is no joke!

CTS: 4. Your favorite designers…
AA: Valentino for shoes, Proenza Schuler and Chanel for bags, Alexander Wang for its simplicity.


CTS: 5. What was your best style advice received…
AA: Coco Chanel is my idol, not because I adore the brand she created but mostly her attitude, who she was and how much of a badass in those years who stood up for herself to create an amazing brand. When I was reading her biography, there was one thing that made me stop. She says “before you leave your apartment, look at the mirror and remove one piece”.  That was one the best one for me.



Travel Attire – Silk Pants: Phillip Lim Shoes: NikeCourt Tennis Classic AC Camo tote: L.L Bean

CTS: 6. When traveling, you always pack?
AA: 1.  Basics always, white and black tees & tanks.  In Fall black and grey sweaters, and blue and black jeans. I have been traveling insane lately so the more you travel the more you learn how to get practical and travel light.  Basic layers with few different scarfs and one pair of skirt mostly makes it easy to combine and play with it.  2.  And obviously my toiletries, never without my skin care products and tooth-brush 🙂


Fall x Loafers : Zara

CTS: 7. Right shoes can make the outfit – what are your must-go…
AA: Shoes are the MOST important items for me. You can be super simple and basic but always look super dressy when you have the right ones or vice versa, with super simple sneakers you can turn a super dressy outfit to a daily looks.  I was so in love with heels and have a good collection but since I moved to NYC with all the walking and not driving now I’m mostly wearing flats (quickly realized that my NYC is not the one that Carrie Bradshaws’ one, hahaha no running around in those Louboutins) Just trying to find a little fancy ones to have fun. Few of my favs are Valentino and Chanels – simple but chic where they can make the look dressy. Loafers are my daily favorites since last fall – have few pairs from Zara that I adore. And my sneakers, must haves, since my comfort is #1 for me 🙂 from AF1 Richardo Tisci ones to Jordan Retro’s or simple Tennis Classics (white and black MUST have, goes with everything).


Never Not Training – Boxing Session

AA:  About JUST SAYIN’… That was one of my favorite things to say to my friends when we discuss style, fashion, shopping or working out so I was always ending my point with “just sayin’..” loved it and owned it so much, ended up having it as the name of my blog!


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