Get Armored – Armour39® Workout Tour

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We Got You Armoured // Armour39 Workout Tour

Get more out of your workout! On April 28th 2014 – Under Armour (UA) invited local athletes, fitness influencers and enthusiasts to see firsthand and try out the Armour39 and get our personal feedback during an intense interval sessions at their global headquarters facility here in Baltimore, MD.


Our trainer for the event was the one-and-only Nate Costa owner of FX Studios and head trainer at Under Armour’s Combine Center (CTC). The CTC has hosted professional athletes like Tom Brady, Brandon Jennings, and Lindsey Vonn, to name a few – so we knew that this workout series was not going be an easy one at all! Nate definitely pushed us throughout the whole event! “I WILL!”

We were divided into 2 groups of 8 – 2 men and 6 women. We started up with a warm up outside on the UA outdoor turf field with some plyometrics-intensity exercises.  After our warm up we headed indoors for the a series of high intensity strength workouts from; TRX (own body weight exercises) to pushing weighted sled, medicine ball throws, punching bag, burpees, reverse weighted lunges – we had our work cut out for us!

During the workouts our goal was to check our stats after each workout session which included biometrics (heart rate, intensity and calories), as well as Armour39 tagline “WILLpower” measurement, which takes all your measurements into account to provide a more qualitative assessment of effort.

For our last workout we ended back on the turf where Nate reminded us what Under Armour’s tag line “Protect this House” means “Our House” is our family, our friends, our passion – what matter most to us and as he was giving the speech he amped us up, we huddled around him like a football team as he screamed out “Protect this House” and we responded with “I WILL, I WILL!”

Below are a few shots of event – Check It Out!

Special Thanks to Under Armour for inviting me to this amazing event!


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#IWILL The Faces of WILLpower! (Hilary and I)

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Hilary and I – Still all smiles after!

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Armour39 – The AM Crew (photo credit: Under Armour)




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